Family-Friendly Games to Play in the Car

When you hit the road, whether it be for a quick trip around Bellefontaine, Ohio, or a full-blown road trip across the country, it’s wise to have different solutions for keeping your family entertained.  If you’re looking for a couple of new ways to occupy your children in the car, consider these family-friendly games.

Word-by-word improv

Not only will this game encourage your kids’ creativity, but it will also almost certainly make you laugh. The rules are simple: you start by saying one to three words, then pass the continuation of the sentence off to your backseat passengers, who will take turns adding a few words to the story. By the end, the story will have turned in directions you never imagined, and you’ll have covered numerous miles without realizing it.

A good old-fashioned singalong

It doesn’t matter if your kids are into musicals, animated movies or classic rock, singing along with a song you all love is a fun way to pass the time. Consider bringing along a variety of music so you can cater to everyone’s tastes. If you have older kids, turn the singalong into a game by having each family member sing a line from a different song. The last word of your song’s line should then be the first word of another family member’s line, and so on.

No matter where you’re headed, laughing and passing the time with your family is an experience to be treasured. If you think your car needs service before your next road trip, don’t hesitate to contact us at Steve Austin’s Auto Group.