GMC Teases Next-Generation GMC Canyon AT4X

2021 GMC Canyon | Bellefontaine, OH

If you love exploring the outdoors but don’t want to drive a full-size pickup, there’s an upcoming truck that’s perfect for you. GMC recently unveiled the next-generation GMC Canyon — and revealed that this midsize truck will be the second GMC model to boast the AT4X trim level.

The AT4X model of the Canyon will be optimized for off-road performance and capability. It builds upon the AT4 model’s adventure-oriented features, like its off-road rocker panel protection, front and mid skid plates, and a 1-inch suspension leveling kit.

While the full list of the AT4X Canyon’s features are currently unknown, it’s confirmed to have exclusive badges and 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels. The AT4X is likely to share features with the Sierra 1500 AT4X. These exclusive additions include Multimatic DSSV™ spool-valve dampers, custom-made springs, and Terrain Mode for one-pedal rock crawling. It could also share some of the Sierra AT4X model’s interior styling cues, like Vanta ash wood trim, full-grain leather upholstery, and a more elaborate sound system.

The new Canyon AT4X could even boast some innovations from the Canyon AT4 Concept, such as a heavy-duty front bumper with a winch, front and rear electronic locking differentials, integrated front recovery points, and cast-iron control arms.

If you’re looking for a truck that’s designed for rugged adventures, come check out the GMC lineup at Steve Austin’s Auto Group in Bellefontaine, Ohio.